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Is your IT System Not Adding Up? We Speak Accountant

If you have an accounting firm, you will know how essential it is to have the correct cyber security, support and accounting technology in place to ensure client data and sensitive client information is protected and that your accounting business is upholding the standards of the accounting industry.

Here at Network Technologies Queensland, we offer IT support for accounting firms and businesses to ensure you can get it right.

Accounting IT Support You Can Rely On

Why your Accounting Firm Should Choose NTQ

From diving into your IT systems and assessing your cloud technology to having a deeper understanding of how time-sensitive security issues are in the accounting profession, we strive to provide our accounting clients with an IT support system that can be difficult to find.

Here is how we do it;

Managed IT Support is essential for accounting firms involving NTQ, providing you with cyber security and maintenance solutions that will leverage project management protocols. Our priorities go above average solutions, with IT maintenance and network monitoring at the heart of everything we do. We strive to help you and your accounting firm manage how you store and collate client data with better security and more efficient cyber approaches.
Accountants must keep their technology practices up to date with efficient management techniques that can support client needs while establishing a secure way to store data. At NTQ, we have over 15 years of experience in IT support and understand why it is so important to have a high standard of technology, cyber security and data backups for accounting firms.

With our monthly support fee, we will support your business as it grows, with monthly support available to guarantee your company keeps a proactive approach that establishes a healthy IT environment.
Expertise on a Range of Accounting Platforms
As an accounting firm, you will likely use one of the following platforms;
We offer extensive knowledge on each platform, ensuring that you are happy with your services provider and leveraging your data security efficiently.
Advanced IT Solutions and Support
At a fixed cost monthly fee, our dedicated support team is here to help you with a range of IT issues that can arise. These include;

Unmatched IT Support for Australian Accounting Firms

We understand that every business is different, which allows us to offer superior support for accounting firms as we can get to the root of your issue. From knowledge on your IT infrastructure to devising solid data backup plans, we consider all elements of cyber security to help your firm.

Based in Brisbane, we are perfect for sorting local issues for many accounting firms. We also offer our expertise and services to businesses and clients across Australia, even occasionally branching out on a global scale to enhance the security measures of numerous companies.
Learn More About Accounting IT Support For your Firm
Naturally, we have noticed recurring themes in the questions we receive regarding Accounting IT Support. See below, for some of our most frequently asked questions:
Regarding accounting, it is imperative for firms to uphold a certain standard of security to ensure client data is protected and the company follows traditional and modern accounting principles, complete with efficient software and information systems to create a central and secure location for storing financial data.
When confiding in a services provider such as NTQ, accounting firms can efficiently leverage their security to ensure client data is as secure as possible. Additionally, they will have access to support on the top accounting platforms, preventing going in blindly to any software by having extensive support knowledge provided.
There are four types of accounting information; corporate, public, government, and forensic accounting. Every accounting business will require efficient technology and security that works harmoniously to protect clients and the company. An IT support system, such as NTQ, would be ideal for gaining better insights into each type of accounting information.
Regarding the role of IT in accounting firms, databases should be easy to access, making it more efficient to make decisions based on data. Therefore, having advanced ways of storing this data (such as an in-house cloud hosting system) will be beneficial. IT support providers such as NTQ provide customers with private clouds and other technologies to ensure databases are stored with exceptional security that is easy for accountants to access and use.
The primary use of cyber security in accounting is for access control. Both client and company data cannot be securely stored if access control has not been considered, so this is an essential element. With NTQ, we provide continuity plans and network monitoring to prevent cyber attacks, with access control considered throughout each aspect of the plan.
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