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Reduce the Costs of Your Business Phone Systems With NTQ’s Help

A business VoIP system is an efficient way to improve business communications whilst simultaneously lowering costs. VoIP services are a more affordable alternative to phone lines and instead use an internet connection to send voice data and calls between different networks.

AT NTQ, we believe businesses should be able to have a phone system that allows them to pursue business communications for an affordable rate. We specialise in 3CX phone systems, offering installation, management and maintenance for the software-based VoIP system. We are proudly a 3CX Platinum Partner.

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Why You Should Choose NTQ for VoIP Services

We have been working with our VoIP provider, 3CX, since 2008, giving us an excellent level of knowledge and expertise to best assist our clients and improve their business phone system. 

From gaining access to the best 3CX pricing to providing clients with efficient installations, cloud deployment and management, we offer a thorough service that considers each element of VoIP technology.

Making the switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP systems is a big jump for many businesses and may seem intimidating initially. But, with our continued support and business VoIP services, your VoIP phone system will become like second nature to you. 

With attentive installations and customer service, we will be on hand to guide you with your VoIP system, ensuring you have all the necessary features and knowledge to pursue voice calls and communications via the internet. 

Maintaining and managing VoIP services falls under the managed IT support offered here at NTQ. For your IT infrastructure to work efficiently, routine checks, software updates, auditing and expert advice are necessary and will ensure that your business prevents threats and data losses. 

Regarding VoIP phone systems, you will need cloud deployment that ensures your broadband internet connection is reliable and coincides with your business data. 

We will implement extensive planning, management and maintenance to ensure this is done effectively, with VoIP solutions that enable you to connect your mobile phone and devices to the cloud to make unlimited calls and communications.

VoIP phone systems include many benefits that will lead your business to success, from being a more affordable means of communicating to offering a higher-quality way to pursue phone calls, phone recording and unified communications. 

In the past, phone lines and wired connections have encountered issues and flaws regarding maintenance and management, making them challenging to repair, with the extensive time needed to solve these issues. 

With a hosted VoIP phone system, it is less common to run into system faults, with problems able to be fixed remotely in a matter of minutes. As a result, your business saves time and money.

What is Included With Managed IT Support?
Whilst installing a VoIP system and finding the best providers may be at the top of your agenda, managed IT support is a reliable way of ensuring these procedures are kept up to standard once installed.
Managed IT support is a way of leveraging your company’s IT infrastructure with a consistent flow of support that enables system updates, security and auditing from dependable third party services.
IT managed support saves your business money and time with a preventative approach that solves issues before they arise. At NTQ, we have offered our managed IT support services for over a decade and have led multiple businesses to success with unwavering help with IT. Here’s how we do it:
Business VoIP Services for Australian Businesses
With a decade of experience in offering managed IT support and a proud partner with one of the top VoIP providers, 3CX, Network Technologies Queensland is here to help all Australian businesses in need of VoIP communications.
We are Brisbane-based, offering on-site consultations to businesses in the local area. However, we pride ourselves on the remote support we provide, branching out to help companies across Australia and worldwide.
Over the past decade, we’ve worked with a large variety of clients in the following industries:
Our partnership with 3CX ensures that we can provide valuable VoIP solutions and services to our clients, whether you require a more secure way of contacting remote workers or need to connect with customers from any location.
Between our expertise and 3CX’s robust VoIP system, we have what it takes to successfully leverage your business’ communication methods.

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We are here to help your business succeed with reliable communication solutions that introduce your company to Voice over Internet Protocol smoothly and efficiently. We recognise that every business is unique and aim to meet your specific needs through managed IT support.
FAQS About Business VoIP
Looking to learn more about VoIP services and how they can affect your business? Below, we answer your commonly asked questions;
VoIP for businesses stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It helps businesses make low-cost telephone calls over their internet connection instead of using a landline or wired methods. VoIP has many benefits (such as cost-efficiency and enhanced innovation) and allows your business to move away from outdated landline communication methods and into modern VoIP systems.
Business VoIP is an affordable service but will vary in price depending on the quality of the VoIP phone system you opt for. With NTQ’s VoIP provider, 3CX, prices vary regarding how many users and sims are included in the plan, with more advanced features included as prices increase accordingly.
Most modern businesses use VoIP for communicating via phone calls. With VoIP, companies can establish accessible communication routes with remote workers and customers, whether on the go or in an office setting, making VoIP an incredibly reliable and flexible service.
Generally, VoIP is much cheaper than a traditional landline form of communication. This affordability is particularly apparent regarding international calls, with data processing over an internet connection costing the same no matter where this data is sent (international or local phone calls).
To use a VoIP phone system, your business will not need to purchase a specific router or server. Instead, all you need to do is download the application and deploy it in the cloud, which allows you to make and receive calls on specific devices connected to your cloud or network.
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Partnering with 3CX ensures that we have a dependable VoIP provider for our clients, whilst our managed IT support goes above and beyond to ensure your system meets your business needs. Get in touch today to get started with a VoIP phone system and improve your business’ communication methods.

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