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Finding the correct hardware and server systems for your company can be challenging and, without the proper help, can set you back in time and money. Building and migrating to private cloud services is a considerably large task that wields significant benefits.

Here at Network Technologies Queensland, we understand how private clouds give your small or medium-sized business individuality; not to mention the valuable flexibility, impressive data storage and robust private cloud infrastructure that suits your unique business processes.

Choose private cloud services with NTQ for a professional support service that facilitates reduced long-term costs, innovative security features and the potential to combine with a public cloud.
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Why You Should Choose NTQ for Private Cloud Services

With over 15 years of providing IT support, we’ve watched cloud computing gain traction. Cloud computing identifies with our ethos of ‘support when you need it’, as a virtual private cloud facilitates productivity from anywhere. Our deep understanding of cloud deployment ensures our services are thorough and innovative.

Already built a private cloud infrastructure? We’ll help you migrate critical files, applications and databases across to your new platform safely and efficiently.

Are you looking to move to a private cloud? We’ll support you with that too. We can help develop your virtual private cloud or offer support in certain areas, such as cloud maintenance, private cloud security and data management.

Explain your private cloud needs, and we’ll work on a solution.


Our private cloud solution and managed approach go hand in hand with the managed IT support offered here at NTQ. We understand many businesses struggle to get to grips with information technology, and insufficient funding can lead to using unreliable computing resources with security flaws.

Managed IT support is a way for your business to gain professional and dependable expert advice from trained technicians who can advise you on your IT infrastructure. They can also provide audits and other valuable performance monitoring techniques. At NTQ, our managed IT support is set at a fixed monthly fee and coincides with your business’ needs.

So how does managed IT support apply to private cloud solutions? 

Our managed IT services involve network connectivity, network maintenance, business continuity planning, server assistance and more. Each of these elements contributes to sustaining the efficiency of a private cloud environment.

Switching from a public cloud or server to a private cloud yields many benefits for your business, provided it’s managed and maintained sufficiently. Using a private cloud or hybrid cloud (a multi-cloud environment with public and private cloud features) can offer you enhanced security, as all files, applications and servers are internal and unique to your business.

Let’s see an example!

A legal entity using a hybrid cloud utilises public cloud infrastructure to host productivity apps but stores sensitive data on clients, cases and finances on a private cloud solution so it can integrate numerous security features surrounding its database.

Besides security, you’ll also enjoy reduced costs, greater control over network settings and reduced long-term costs. If these perks sound appealing, give NTQ a call to learn more about cloud services.

What’s Included With NTQ Private Cloud Services?
Private clouds give your business the freedom to operate in a way that works best for you. Whether you’re fully on board with private cloud solutions or use them in combination with a public cloud, here’s how our cloud resources could help you:
Receive on-premises private cloud assistance if you’re located near Brisbane or gain remote services if in another state or territory. Learn more about cloud-managed services via telephone or email.
Private Cloud Support for Australian Businesses
Despite support being pursued remotely, we can provide the same expertise and knowledge with an around-the-clock response rate that efficiently meets your business needs. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with clients from various industries, from healthcare to retail, giving us the knowledge to support you regardless of your business model or specific goals.
Private clouds work to make your life easier, and we aim to provide the support that champions this notion. Implementing fast recovery times, affordable costs and consistent maintenance ensures your business has a private cloud that meets your needs.

Learn More About NTQ's Private Cloud Services

Our cloud computing services are here to help you switch to a private cloud, leveraging your company’s security, flexibility and expenditure. We understand that every business is unique and has different needs when using a private cloud. Rest assured that we’ll consider these factors within a managed private cloud plan.
FAQS About NTQ, Private Cloud Service Provider
Need to know more about how private cloud computing could help your business? Below, we answer the questions commonly sent our way:

Private clouds are specific to a single organisation. Private clouds differ from public clouds, such as Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft 365, as they’re designed and managed by an external provider. A managed private cloud is maintained internally. Unlike a public cloud, a private cloud environment requires manual updates and repairs but offers greater control over costs and upgrades.

Private clouds give users exceptional levels of security, preventing unauthorised users from gaining access to confidential information. Private clouds are flexible and dependable, enabling businesses to implement multi cloud departments for various teams, ensuring data is streamlined within the cloud. They may also operate on a private network, as opposed to an internet platform, further strengthening protection.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud offers AWS users on-premise isolated virtual network resources to build a private cloud. Other example providers include Dell, Oracle and IBM. A private cloud solution might commonly use an integrated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), whereas a public cloud typically uses a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Private clouds have advantages such as predictable service usage and costs, better security and flexibility and overall more affordable service. Private cloud solutions facilitate better budget management, as you can control which upgrades and equipment you invest in. Conversely, a public cloud provider sets a fixed price and may involve annual contractual obligations.

A single organisation hosts and manages a private cloud by using dedicated computing resources, such as hardware and security features like anti-virus protection and symmetric or asymmetric encryption. Some private clouds may build an integrated private infrastructure or intranet to host databases, communication channels and applications.

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With 15 years of experience in IT support and solutions, we have what it takes to help your business create a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. A private cloud can make a massive difference to your company, with faster recovery and stronger security. Let us help make this possible for you, get in touch to discover how a private cloud could change your business today!

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