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Are You in The Construction Industry and Need IT Support?

We know what it takes to run a successful construction project and how efficient technology can make procedures more manageable. With a high level of experience in helping construction engineers with projects, we know which technology and software are the best and will lead you to success.

Access to efficient software will enable you and your team to work from one cohesive database. We aim to elevate how you tackle large projects with smooth-sailing technology that allows you and your construction teams to deliver technical operations without facing any IT issues.

Let us know the aspects of engineering construction you need help with, and we will take it from there. Our managed service agreements are designed to work for various companies and industries, tailored to your specific needs.

Why Construction Engineers Should Choose NTQ

To complete construction projects, there are so many things you will need to consider. Keeping track of these elements can take time and effort. This is why many construction projects employ multiple types of construction engineers to ensure they meet client deadlines and deliver on what was promised. However, even the best assistant project engineers will only complete this with reliable technology.

At NTQ, we recognise how fundamental the role of information technology truly is for a civil engineer. Our well-rounded knowledge of IT infrastructures that are best for professional engineer use makes us the perfect choice when considering getting help from an IT support system.

We have managed service agreements with SLAs to ensure your project delivery turnaround improves, with better accessibility throughout the company. The software that we have excellent knowledge of will enable you and your team to keep track of project planning, allowing you to have a foolproof system that you can share with clients to prove your progress is where you say it is. 

Managed IT support elevates your company’s IT system in an accessible way for a more affordable price, which won’t require hiring an in-house IT department on the business premises. Instead, you will work with experts with the technical knowledge to help you succeed. At NTQ, we provide our clients with monthly plans that include the following IT support;

  • IT Maintenance
  • Network Monitoring
  • Planning and Support
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery / Continuity Plans
  • Scheduled Onsite Technician
Whilst construction and engineering companies can expect all of the above managed IT support elements when working with us at NTQ, things will be slightly different. When IT support is industry-specific, we must tailor our plan of action to ensure we are hitting the right areas to help your business in the best way possible.

Construction and engineering projects consist of extensive planning, from budgeting to reporting. For this to be possible, having the correct storage level, reliable networking, and technical software is essential. We enforce this with a continuity plan that prevents risks before they arise.  
Our Construction and Engineering IT Support Plan
We are dedicated to creating an IT support plan that considers all the essential elements you will need to run a successful construction project. Below, we will take you through each part of our plan to help you understand what you will receive from NTQ:
Supply of technical equipment: We will provide you with specialised equipment for an effective IT system.
Storage solutions: We will implement a storage solution to ensure your civil engineering project can access and save data efficiently.
In-person support: Although many queries can be handled remotely, we provide onsite support when necessary to resolve any issues.
Reliable backup systems: We provide a proactive backup system to prevent data losses.
Networking support: We ensure the network you use for engineering processes is secure and reliable.
Expertise on a Range of Construction and Engineering Software
To run reliable construction projects so that clients come back to you repeatedly, you must use specific critical engineering software that keeps your project organised and allows you to plan each element of the project efficiently. Here is the software we will use when devising an IT plan with you:
We are proud to provide expertise on these platforms, ensuring we can provide you with the necessary guidance and support you need when you need it.

Unrivalled Construction and Engineering IT Support

We aim to help you succeed. We strive to provide IT support and solutions that help the stressful projects of engineers Australia wide. Whilst we are based in Brisbane and offer onsite support in this area, we also provide remote solutions to construction projects around Australia and often work with clients across the globe.

Our IT support will give you the tools you need to run technical operations more efficiently. From cloud hosting to a visit from our onsite technician, you can be assured that your construction work practices will vastly improve with our continued support.
Learn More About Construction and Engineering IT Support
We want you to get the most out of our service, which motivates us to take every query seriously. However, some queries come up more frequently than others! Below, we answer five commonly asked questions regarding construction and engineering IT support:
Technology is fundamental to construction engineers. A great IT system will ensure engineers can plan projects efficiently, hit deadlines better and improve contact with clients due to a more transparent approach. With the correct software, engineers can access all they need with a click of a button.
Aside from storing information, IT is used for construction workers to communicate with one another more efficiently. Collaborative software enables a dependable means of communicating regarding project plans and queries and providing consistent updates on performance.
If there is an issue with your current IT system, you can contact NTQ via 1300 656 282 or 07 3103 4256. When contacting us, let us know your contact details, name and the issues you are facing. From here, one of our experts will assess your case and get back to you with an expert response to resolve your issue.
Reliable IT support ensures that civil engineers can plan and organise project protocols more efficiently and effectively whilst also gaining access to the right tools and technical means to retain clients and improve company workflow. An IT support system such as NTQs will make this possible at an affordable rate.
At NTQ, we know that IT support should be accessible and affordable for construction companies. Our cost-efficiency is one of our biggest priorities, whilst also providing our customers expert service. When starting a managed service agreement with us, you lower the risk of large payouts when technical issues arise, ensuring a consistent and affordable approach is implemented.
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NTQ is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable IT support to your construction and engineering company, enabling safe data storage, innovative technical software and precise compatibility with your technological needs. Tell us more about your IT queries today.

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