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At NTQ, we have a mutual understanding with you, as a business owner, of the vital importance of cyber security in every business. It’s central to consulting online safely, storing confidential information and interacting with online resources without threat.

The skilled NTQ team holds expert knowledge to help you implement new or upgrade existing cyber security measures. Our government-recognised methodology, ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) Essential Eight, helps us spot the finer details, mitigate incidents and maximise compliance. We encourage small and medium businesses in Australia to reach out today.

Cyber Security
Integrate Reliable Cyber Security with NTQ

Why Use Cyber Security Services from NTQ?

NTQ has over a decade in the IT consultancy business, so it’s safe to say we’ve developed an exceptional understanding of protecting your business from cyber threats. We offer consultancy services, helping you to identify minor and significant vulnerabilities to your digital systems.

If you’re located in Brisbane, we offer scheduled visits to businesses in the local area, allowing you to meet face-to-face with our skilled professionals. Are you positioned elsewhere? Not to worry, gain remote support, ensuring security from anywhere.

Cyber security systems protect digital devices from malicious hackers, malware, phishing, and data theft. While core security features are built into computer, tablet and smartphone devices, you can integrate additional measures to manage cyber risk to:

  • Internet browsers
  • Email accounts
  • Social media profiles
  • Cloud systems
  • Databases

Besides preserving your information technology, dependable cyber security services can give you a competitive advantage and elevate your reputation. Customers are more likely to register with your business and purchase goods and services online if they’re confident in your ability to protect their data.

Robust security solutions are central to business continuity. Installing the relevant resources mitigates the risk of losing data through cyber attacks or failed access to operational technology. Good continuity solutions will make business outcomes easier to reach.

What’s Included in NTQ’s Cyber Security Services?

NTQ values transparency, so arranges consultancy meetings with all clients. Meetings evaluate your current cyber security measures, highlight vulnerabilities and prioritise each risk. Enlist cyber security services exclusively or subscribe to our managed services.

Managed services allow our professional team to share an ongoing and proactive approach to cyber security, helping you stay ahead of online attacks. Our managed services oversee the following:

  • Network and server monitoring
  • Software management according to compliance regulations in Australia
  • System upgrades to ensure immediate incident response
  • Maintenance of business technology

You can gain managed services for a fixed monthly fee. Contact NTQ today to learn more!

Use our Cyber Security Expertise
Our team is committed to protecting your IT infrastructure and business integrity. Here’s how we’ll help:
  • Data protection: Backup data to safe cloud and on-premise locations using complex passwords and encryption.
  • Online safety: Install innovative anti-virus software and firewalls to prevent malicious users from penetrating computer systems.
  • Wireless connection: Apply network encryption, integrate firewalls and adjust router settings to prevent malicious users from joining your Wi-Fi and mitigate the risk of hacking computers on the same network.
  • Email protection: Use a phishing simulation approach to identify vulnerable users and ensure training against scams.
  • Cloud security services: Although public cloud platforms integrate security, we’ll maximise online protection with multi-factor authentication and external databases. We’ll implement target technology in private clouds.

Sophisticated Cyber Security Services

We understand that keeping a clear track record when it comes to security is a critical method of obtaining clients and customers. We work with first-class security technology in Australia to equip your business with the support it needs against threats.

Besides top-quality technology, we consider our immediate incident response a competitive advantage in the market. We operate throughout the working day and offer 24/7 IT Support for urgent matters.

Call us today to discuss cyber services that’ll help your business.

Answer FAQs about Cyber Security

As a leading provider of IT services in Australia, NTQ is committed to delivering the ultimate customer experience. We’ve answered five core questions about staying secure:

Security consulting in Australia involves the management of security software depending on the needs of a business. A security consultant may discuss database protection, develop a cyber strategy (accounting for scalability and business continuity), and implement anti-virus software and firewalls. A security management professional will understand the latest threats to businesses in Australia.
The three pillars of cyber security are people, processes and technology. It considers the people who use your data, the processes in place managing that information and the technology keeping that content safe. Confidentiality, availability and integrity are central to data protection. It’s called the CIA triad.

NTQ works closely with small businesses in Australia and organisations from many industries like the legal, medical, construction, engineering, retail and accounting sectors. Benefit from NTQ’s expertise to develop a long-term strategy that’ll target all potential risks. Please speak with a consultant or gain cyber security services as part of your managed IT support subscription.

Cyber security attacks are daunting. Enlisting help from a trusted support provider, like NTQ, will ensure a proactive approach to cyber security. When speaking with our certified professionals, you’ll learn about the right software for your business and information, additional measures you can take, and prioritise risks with potential outcomes if they occur.

Cyber security comprises five elements–network security, disaster recovery, cloud security, application security and infrastructure security. These elements protect computers, servers, tablets, smartphones, webservers and cloud platforms. Contact NTQ via telephone to discuss strategies that’ll optimise your IT security.

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Don’t turn a blind eye to digital security, it protects the personal details of internal clients, external collaborators and confidential company information. At NTQ, we love to see small and medium-sized businesses thrive. That’s why our proactive approach to protection is central to our IT services. Contact us today so we can get to work on optimising your business’s IT security.

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