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If your business doesn’t have a website in the 21st century, you’re doing something wrong. Long gone are the days of the yellow pages and companies can no longer rely on just word of mouth. Since free DNS hosting services are dwindling, it’s time to look to providers who can help you achieve maximum visibility online.

At NTQ, we know a thing or two about web hosting. As dedicated hosting providers, we work tirelessly to ensure our domain and web hosting service remains both useful and technologically current. For the best web hosting services out there, look no further than NTQ.

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What is a Domain and DNS Web Hosting Service?

To have an online presence, a business needs a domain name. This is the name of the website that your customers can type in to find your services, and will often be displayed in advertising campaigns, promotional material, or online copy.

A DNS server ensures that everything functions online. It allows your website to be viewed and accessed via the internet using cloud-based technology. As dedicated hosting providers, we at NTQ offer DNS services to transform your business into one fit for the 21st century.

In the modern world, DNS hosting is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity for companies of all sizes. A web hosting platform, whether you choose free DNS hosting providers or otherwise, will prove incredibly beneficial to your business.

DNS and web hosting services will boost your online visibility and bring you more customers, as well as help you achieve new levels of business growth. Without a dedicated hosting service, you’ll fall behind the rest of the competition.

Naturally, we’re inclined to say us. Of course, there are many great web hosting providers out there that offer popular web hosting services, but none can truly claim to offer the exceptional customer support and managed hosting service we do.At NTQ, we can provide a web hosting service that helps you kickstart your business’ online visibility. As dedicated hosting providers, we also offer a range of web hosting features and cloud hosting plans that are sure to suit your business, whatever your needs are. For the best web hosting services out there, it has to be NTQ.
Top-Rated Services From a Standout Web Hosting Provider
Our web hosting services here at NTQ make us your ideal web hosts to work with. As well as exceptional customer support and your own dedicated server, you’ll receive a whole range of benefits if you choose us. Here are some of our services we can provide to help your business thrive:
Web Hosting Services Like No Other
From managed hosting services on a dedicated server to VPS hosting and incredible customer support, NTQ has it all. As a web host, we take immense pride in our services and learn from other hosting providers about how we can do the best job we can. Here are some of the ways we can help your company with its online profile:
  • Tailored cloud hosting plans: We understand that every business is different, so you’ll all need different things from your website. Whether it’s VPS hosting you’re after or a web hosting service that’s more basic, our packages are flexible to suit you.
  • Enhanced online visibility: As one of the best web hosting providers, we can guarantee a high rate of online visibility when you partner with us for your domain and DNS services.
  • Reseller hosting services: If you’re looking to go into the domain registration business for yourself, we offer reseller hosting plans that allow you to become your own web hosting provider. For businesses and web hosts alike, our services are truly brilliant.
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Cost-Effective Plans for Web Hosts and Web Hosting Providers

Domain registration is the first step to success, so why not let us make this easier? Once your business is up and running with a website of its own, prospective web hosts and DNS hosting providers can look to set up their own dedicated server for web hosting.If you’re looking to create your own best web hosting service and smash DNS records with your own site, we can help you build a comprehensive hosting platform which you can use to jumpstart your domain registration company.
FAQs on Web Hosting, Domains, and Hosting Providers
We understand that for non-IT businesses, the techy stuff can be a bit complicated. That’s why we’ve added these FAQs at the end to give you a more well-rounded idea of what domain and DNS web hosting services involve.

A web hosting service lets your business share files and data online. DNS hosting providers charge fees for using their servers, but they can also help you create your own servers for your own online web hosting company. With a web hosting service, your business will be set up with everything it needs to be successful online and grow its outreach.

A domain name gives your business an online presence. It’s essentially like an online address where customers can reach you if they need your services, as the domain name is what is typed into their search engine to find your business online. Memorable and easy-to-spell domain names are best, since you don’t want to overcomplicate things for your customers.

DNS stands for Domain Name System – a type of categorising system for computers, websites, and other internet-related items. DNS hosting, therefore, is where a company or site provides online servers for other businesses to use that allows them to access the online world. DNS hosting gives companies an online presence.

Shared web hosting is a service in which the company providing the services offers one server to multiple sites at the same time. This service is normally very affordable, but is more liable to faults and slow loading speeds. Companies have to prioritise cost against quality when deciding on shared web hosting services.

VPS hosting is similar to shared web hosting, in the sense that VPS hosting provides one server for multiple sites. However, links are usually weaker between sites on the same server, meaning you’ll encounter less problems and faster speeds even when traffic is high. VPS hosting typically costs more than shared web hosting.

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