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Do You Want to Save Time Performing an IT Audit? We Have a Solution

Effective IT audits thoroughly review network integrity, security protocols, and a general control review. As you may know, an information technology audit takes considerable time– time you could spend optimising other business areas!

That’s where Network Technologies Queensland comes in.

We’ll perform the equivalent of an internal audit across all IT systems involved with your business. Our IT audit strategy reviews and reports on information processing facilities, network performance and system protection to secure company data.
Reliable IT Auditing You Can Depend On

Why Your Company Should Choose NTQ for IT Auditing

After gaining over 15 years of experience providing IT management and support, we’ve developed an impressive knowledge base, meaning we can offer industry-specific support. Our refined approach means we’ll match the quality of internal IT procedures, giving you peace of mind that your systems operate efficiently.

An NTQ information technology audit will include detailed planning, professional audit procedures and accurate reporting. Our audit objectives seek to strengthen data security measures and streamline digital processes.

Aside from our reliable Managed IT Services, attainable for a fixed monthly fee, we also provide industry-standard consultancy services, such as thorough information technology audits.

At NTQ, we provide dependable IT support at a fixed monthly fee. Whilst we’re dedicated to meeting your company’s specific needs and requirements, our services will include the following essential elements:

  • Maintenance of all IT systems
  • Software updates and refreshes
  • Planning and support
  • Network monitoring
  • Security enhancements to protect sensitive data
  • Remote support software to solve issues anywhere
  • Troubleshooting and resolutions

From checking if your network has any weak points with an extensive penetration test to the knowledge of the best servers and devices, you can expect well-rounded IT audits with NTQ.

So, what are the benefits?

Not only will you enjoy more efficient IT systems, but our accurate audit process makes all processes, risks and infrastructure more visible. We’ll use this knowledge to implement adequate security, ensure compliance with local and national regulations and minimise wasted efforts and resources.

Our IT auditors are here to help. Contact us today.

What Is an Information Technology Audit?
An IT audit process conducts a full examination of every digital feature integrated into your IT systems. An IT auditor curates a detailed plan of how the IT audit will proceed and which tests they’ll apply.
  1. So, what do the tests do? They review your network’s structure, documentation, security controls and protocols.
  2. An IT auditor will review regular company processes to identify IT systems that need attention, for example, upgrade operating systems to streamline management practices. Once the IT audit is complete, an IT auditor will generate a report highlighting any control weaknesses, data breaches and opportunities for system optimisation.
  3. The next phase integrates planned changes, such as advanced firewalls protecting data integrity and improved disaster recovery measures.
  4. Finally, an IT auditor will monitor employee performance, to ensure the system updates actually improve information systems.
We want to know the ins and outs of your IT systems so we can work as if we’re conducting an internal audit.
IT Audits Australian Businesses
If your business is based in Brisbane, you can enjoy onsite visits from our expert IT auditors. Schedule a remote consultation if you’re located in another state or territory (or even offshore). Our accessible IT audits maintain professionalism and reliability no matter where you’re situated.The types of IT audits our expert teams offer include:
  • Evaluate information integrity to preserve sensitive data.
  • Review access management to revoke permissions from unauthorised parties, preventing data breaches.
  • Analyse physical security controls to ensure they’re functioning properly.
  • Perform an application control review to identify gaps in data security and improve access controls on all IT systems.
  • Implement risk management processes, protecting your IT systems.
Although we don’t provide financial audits, our skilled experts will look to review and strengthen financial controls, making sure your bank details, invoices and accounts remain protected.

Discover More About NTQ's Reliable IT Auditor Team

At NTQ, we relieve the pressure of deciding whether to use internal or external auditors, as our audit team provides the best of both worlds. Aside from critical risk assessment and data analysis tasks, we’ll delve deep into each component of your network and security, ensuring the foundations of your IT systems are operating effectively.

Contact us via telephone or email to discuss your current infrastructure and future plans to understand your objectives following an IT audit better.
FAQS about NTQ, IT Audit Provider
If you want to learn more about audit aims before contacting an IT auditor, check out our detailed answers below:
An IT audit assesses an organisation’s information technology, data use, management and applications under industry standard procedures and policies. An IT audit ensures you’re using a solid infrastructure. The examination will help to identify any faults in your system, preventing issues from arising and guaranteeing that you have a reliable system in place.
IT auditors examine your information technology systems’ health, security and performance. An IT audit objective identifies and responds to security gaps, outdated policies, threats to data integrity, storage space and network competence. IT audits to ensure that your technology infrastructure is working to maximum efficiency.
At NTQ, we provide on-site and remote IT audit processes to ensure we can suit a range of businesses and information technology systems. Our IT audit strategy includes penetration tests, where our reliable team attempts to gain access to your server to find any loopholes or vulnerable areas. We’ll develop a response strategy to target concerning areas and mitigate risk.

An IT audit comprises the following steps:

  1. Strategy planning
  2. Resource and system preparation
  3. Run the IT audit (targeting networks, documents, files and databases)
  4. Generate a report
  5. Implement solutions
  6. Monitor adjustments to analyse efficiency

Although following criteria, NTQ will adjust the IT audit approach to your unique business needs.

The three main objectives of an IT audit cover resources at hand, the integrity of information and compliance with industry laws. The IT audit highlights the policies and regulations that must be followed to protect the longevity of your small or medium-sized business.

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A robust IT infrastructure is essential to running a business. An IT audit ensures potential issues are discovered before harm occurs. Let us know your worries, and we will run an IT audit on your system to evaluate and assess the procedures you have in place.

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