IT Audits

When Do You Need A Network Audit?

There are many reasons why you should consider an audit. Typically, it’s timed around important technology decisions or business requirements. Here’s just a few reasons why your business might consider a network audit.

What’s Included in a Network Audit?

There are several key focus areas that should be included within your network auditing process.  A Network Audit Report will be provided with discovery of any obsolete devices, outdated software, underutilized network services and any security concerns.

We can perform Penetration Testing

How do you tell if your network is penetrable? You test it.

In a penetration test, our team will attempt to gain access to your server, hosts via vulnerabilities in your network, simulating and trialling known weakness to help identify and highlight penetrable flaws.

Internal IT Team Audit

How can you tell if your IT team is performing?

We offer a few solutions from IT team auditing, we review all IT staff along with work performed right up to assisted IT Team outsourcing, this is where we work with your IT team in a shared helpdesk environment. This enables any escalations from your IT team to be dealt with efficiently, and also acts as a backup should your IT staff need time off work or holidays. We are able to generate reports on staff work loads and can assist with goal setting of your IT team.

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