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At NTQ, we don’t buy into extra costs or expensive support fees.

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At Network Technologies Queensland, managed IT services are our thing. We’re a reliable, trustworthy managed services provider that gives you reasonable prices and exceptional support, regardless of your company’s size and needs.

We can cultivate a productive IT environment at your organisation and offer both comprehensive and basic IT services, depending entirely on your requirements. With a transparent and affordable IT services cost, there are no hidden fees or clauses with us – just great support.

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Why Should You Choose NTQ for Your IT Support?

We offer a range of IT services and support that can benefit companies of all magnitudes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large organisations. With over 15 years of high quality IT experience behind our backs, we offer exceptional managed services for affordable prices.As a service provider, we can guarantee competitive prices and full transparency during purchase. With tailored plans, you can get as much or as little IT support as you want, whether you need onsite help in the Brisbane area or remote services. Don’t have the budget for a qualified IT department? Let our existing team kickstart your business growth!

Companies often have a lot of IT requirements and tasks to just ensure their day-to-day business operations run smoothly. But many firms don’t have the expertise or manpower to adequately perform these tasks. By seeking out full or partially managed services providers, companies can take advantage of comprehensive external IT support, as opposed to hiring an expensive internal IT team.

Our managed services cost is priced competitively, making it ideal for even a small business owner to purchase. We offer partial management services or, if you’d prefer a more extensive IT solution, we provide fully managed IT services that allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

And with no hidden fees, full transparency of operations, and sophisticated customer support, our server management and other managed IT services offer a huge benefit to your entire infrastructure, technologically speaking.

Comprehensive Assistance From a Reputable IT Services Company
Everyone can benefit from great IT support, not least because information technology is, generally speaking, quite complicated. Let our highly trained IT experts give you fully managed support wherever you are in the world. Here’s what we can do for you:
Tailored and Affordable IT Support
Although we have a range of pricing models, we offer transparent costs that all depend on your business requirements. There are no hidden fees, no pointless add-ons, and no smoke & mirrors – we simply tell you our rates, and you can choose whether to go for it. So, why do we choose to operate like this?
  • No faff or needless interactions: We want to get you IT support as quickly as possible, because we know you need technology to keep your business functioning. From first call to final resolution, our support is quick and painless.
  • No hidden costs or extras: We don’t believe in deceitful selling. Our services are as we list them and that’s it. You’ll pay exactly the amount you’re expecting to pay every time.
  • Flexible and predictable support plans: We know that when it comes to IT support, no two companies needs are the same. As such, we offer flexible plans that encompass as much or as little support as you desire.
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Expertly Managed IT Services and Support

At Network Technologies Queensland, we live and breathe information technology. This means we relish the chance to help others if they need support, from routine tasks and basic monitoring to high-tech solutions on a complex project. Our costs reflect our high quality service, but they remain very affordable. This means small and mid-sized businesses alike can count on our support when they need it.
IT Support FAQs
If you’re after IT support, chances are you’ll have a number of questions you need our help to resolve. After all, we believe that being curious and wanting to learn is a good thing. Along those lines, if you want to learn more about what we offer as part of our comprehensive IT support packages, or about IT support in general, check out the FAQs below.

At NTQ, we can help you with basically every form of IT support you can imagine. Whether you’re having trouble with routers, software, connection, or just general techy enquiries, you can count on our unwavering and friendly support.

A managed service provider essentially handles part of your company’s operations from an external perspective. Managed IT services constitute an external organisation – like NTQ – being tasked with the day-to-day running of your IT operations.

Yes, we can provide IT support directly to your business via a number of different payment plans. Companies in the Brisbane area can choose to pay on an ad-hoc basis, in fixed monthly instalments, or as part of our managed IT services.

The amount you pay for our IT support will vary depending on the size of your business, your location, and how much support you need. In general, our standard hourly rate is $180 per hour (excluding GST), but you can also book us in for 15-minute blocks or pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis.

The wonders of new technology mean we can support your business wherever you are in the world! Even if you’re not local to us, we can still send you IT support remotely – no matter how big the project or office! Every business needs IT support, which is why we’re happy to offer it to any business, any where.

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It is a wonderful thing, but it’s not uncommon for technology to fail us. Get ahead of the inevitable and contact us today to schedule our services for when you need them. Still unsure? Why not just book a free consultation with us and let us walk you through how we can support your business.

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