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After accumulating over 15 years of experience in Legal IT Support, you can trust our targeted approach to improve data security, enhance your existing infrastructure and optimise legal software to handle modern needs.Our skilled team works closely with law firms and legal professionals across Brisbane and greater Australia, generating innovative solutions to ongoing issues and discussing ways to increase productivity.Tell us more about the barriers you’re facing so we can work on solutions with efficiency.
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Our expert knowledge of the legal industry helps us appreciate the high intensity with which lawyers and solicitors operate. We understand the meticulousness of the legal sector and truly believe that you deserve an IT service provider.

As our client, we’ll also keep your own clients in mind, striving to protect their data and implement new technology to streamline business processes. At NTQ, we want to make life easier for your business to prevent your clients from choosing other law firms to support their cases.
Managed IT support services for law firms concentrates on backup and recovery, which is critical for business growth. Our approach is to implement solutions with longevity, preventing law firms from ongoing expenses. At NTQ, we prioritise computer performance optimisation, network maintenance and cyber security.
We’ve built our impressive background working with legal practices on providing reliable network administration and time-effective data recovery. We’ll set recovery point objectives to prevent data loss and calculate recovery time objectives during a time of need. At NTQ, we also work on dependable cyber security measures because we understand the severity of the information with which law firms work.
Legal IT Support Services
Here’s a snapshot of the issues our technical support providers tackle with workable solutions:
  • Cyber attack on client data: Significantly improve cyber security with anti-virus protection, firewalls and encryption to prevent hacking incidents.
  • Unmanageable data storage systems: Propose and implement a cloud solution perfect for your law firm.
  • Disaster recovery Assist with business continuity planning.
  • Outdated IT infrastructure: Integrate remote access for legal firms.
  • Gaps in network security: Share reliable server network support services.
  • Time-consuming applications: Provide upgrades, bug fixes and refreshes.
  • Errors with end-user devices for legal clients: Advise and supply lawyers and solicitors with user-friendly equipment.
We’re proud of our commitment to delivering fast response times, maintaining cost efficiency and focusing on customer satisfaction. Your law firm will receive expert-standard service from our certified technicians. They know the ins and outs of sustaining IT services for law firms–with great emphasis on cyber security and essential data protection.
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Accessible Law IT Support in a Nutshell

NTQ acknowledges that IT infrastructure sits at the heart of any law firm. For this reason, we’re dedicated to responding to your queries and implementing long-lasting and reliable solutions. Together, we aim to optimise the critical applications on which law firms rely.
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Security is key to the longevity of a law firm. At NTQ, we’re committed to introducing, updating and modernising existing data storage, cyber security and online safety to protect you and your clients. We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions below:
Technology in the legal sector refers to specialised software and cyber security measures instead of electronic devices and hardware. Law firms utilise large data systems, word processors, public and private cloud service providers, telecommunications and private cloud service providers. NTQ specialises in but is not limited to, Actionstep, Filepro and Leap.
Strong and up-to-date security measures are paramount to the privacy and federal compliance of a law firm and its clients. Enlisting aid from NTQ will ensure your cyber security protocols act fast and productively. Efficient telecommunication platforms allow legal teams to liaise openly with clients. Ample data storage allows clerical employees to manage and save important information.
From a law firm’s perspective, operational IT support allows you to privatise your client’s data, conduct sufficient research, communicate with others and store large quantities of information. Enlisting the service of NTQ will help you modernise and stabilise your existing IT infrastructure. You can access NTQ from any remote location around Australia. Brisbane-based firms can schedule on-site visits.
Quality IT support can be inexpensive. NTQ truly believes that any law specialists deserve high-functioning technology to deliver critical societal services. Our core value, cost-efficiency, allows us to offer expert services at an affordable price.
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We’ll apply our in-depth knowledge of law firm management software and secure storage systems to ensure your experience with us is an enjoyable one. Tell us your name, contact email address and a description of what you need so we can work on a strategy right away.

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