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NTQ Managed IT services share the benefits of having an internal IT team without the hefty overhead costs of maintaining one. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cyber security, migrate to a new system or improve your current infrastructure, our managed IT services guarantee satisfies your business needs.

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Why Use Managed IT Services from NTQ?

Longevity is at the heart of NTQ’s service. Here, we target the root cause of any issue, prioritising long-term IT solutions. Our dedicated team wants to help small and medium businesses maximise productivity by taking the weight of overseeing computer systems and digital business procedures. Managed services will give you more time to focus on what you love about your business.

Managed IT services oversee the preservation and optimisation of your IT systems. A managed service provider, such as NTQ, will mitigate the need for a whole internal IT team, as you’ll receive ongoing support from external professionals.

Depending on your needs, tailored managed services can cover the following:

  • Cyber security
  • Cloud support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Network upgrading
Working with a trusted managed services provider, such as NTQ, will help you scale your business at an impressive rate. At NTQ, we value customer satisfaction, so we’re eager to hear about your core business procedures and determine an approach unique to your small and medium businesses.
Learn What’s Included in NTQ Managed IT Services
As a reputable managed service provider, we offer reputable IT support for a fixed monthly fee. Describe your required services so we can develop a service level agreement that:
We offer extensive knowledge on each platform, ensuring that you are happy with your services provider and leveraging your data security efficiently.
Proficiency with IT Systems
Brisbane-based businesses can access frequent scheduled on-site visits from our certified professionals. If you’re not located in the area, we offer reliable remote support using specialised software to enter your computer systems safely. We’re available throughout your business day with urgent around-the-clock support.

At NTQ, we’re an inclusive consultancy that welcomes small and medium business owners from numerous industries, such as finance, construction, logistics, medical and legal sectors. With over a decade in IT services, we’re proficient in countless IT and phone systems, including:

Learn More about NTQ's Proactive Approach to Managed Technical Support

At NTQ, we understand the exceptional value information technology can have on your business. That’s why we offer first rate IT services anytime you need them. We’re committed to overseeing your business technology, from helping you move your whole IT infrastructure to a cloud service provider to facilitate productivity from anywhere to maximising your security features so you can take on more satisfied clients.
FAQs about NTQ, Managed Service Provider
Want to dig deeper into managed IT services? We’ve answered your frequently asked questions:

NTQ’s managed IT services will confidently:

  • Resolve computer failure
  • Monitor networks
  • Oversee servers
  • Implement or upgrade security features
  • Improve connection
  • Offer help desk support
  • Enhance data storage
  • Backup data as part of a broader disaster recovery plan

NTQ will manage IT systems remotely for Australian businesses and schedule on-site visits to Brisbane businesses.

An example would be an accounting firm looking to outsource IT services to save money on purchasing additional equipment and avoid the overhead costs of an internal IT department. A managed services provider, like NTQ, will provide user and device management, upgrade existing systems and maintain infrastructure.
Businesses outsource managed services rather than using an in-house team to oversee a specific task or control the day-to-day operations of a department. Many companies and organisations enlist managed services to handle complex finance, technology and planning areas. For example, small businesses with basic digital skills would benefit from managed IT services to oversee the health and development of their internal IT systems.
Software as a service (SaaS) provides on-demand software that acts as a service. Microsoft Office 365 is an example of a SaaS enabling people to operate productivity apps and connect via the cloud. Managed services refer to physical support managed service providers would give.
Managed services refers to an ongoing agreement between a business or organisation by which a third-party vendor, such as an IT consultancy, manages a certain area of a business. For instance, they regulate website maintenance or oversee a company’s cyber security. Professional services are typically confined to a single project.
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