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Looking for a Managed Server? NTQ Has a Solution

Suppose your company needs a reliable way to establish a reliable network. In that case, a managed server will be the best option, as maintenance, upgrades and security are handled for you. 

From increased flexibility to customisable features, managed servers are fundamental to scaling companies with high data and sensitive information required to run an operating system. 

At NTQ, we are experts in creating a seamless managed server experience, liaising with hosting services to develop a robust IT infrastructure that elevates the way your company pursues data protection. 

Speed Up Your Traffic Speed with a Managed Server

Why Your Company Should Consider NTQ for Managed Hosting Services

Whether it’s slow traffic speeds or inadequate storage that has led you to consider using managed servers, there’s no doubt that having a managed server is a great way to elevate the operating systems you use. With better performance and visibility for both you and your visitors, a multitude of benefits come from using a managed server. 

At NTQ, we recognise what it takes for businesses to succeed in the modern era, and unmanaged servers are becoming less reliable. With our technical expertise and support, you can leverage your network performance with a fully managed server that can handle high levels of traffic and data. 

Managed IT support is one of the most efficient ways of improving your company’s security and IT resources without hiring a team of IT experts. Instead, you can rely on external support services, such as NTQ, to support a range of IT elements to ensure you have all you need to run a successful business securely. 

With managed server access and disaster recovery being vast elements of our managed IT support plans, you can be confident that your company’s technology is in safe hands, providing you with maximum uptime to manage your business processes whilst we support your infrastructure. 

Using a managed server opens up several doors for you and your business, allowing you to become a managed hosting provider. Whether you work in the retail industry and need to host your own website or would like to create your own cloud space to save and store data more securely, both options can be done efficiently with a managed server. 

Combining managed IT support with your managed server and your chosen function will ensure you can pursue the different business procedures you need. 

Additionally, you can always have peace of mind that we’ve professionally set your managed servers and will perform frequent checks. 

At NTQ, we have advanced skills for backup monitoring, disaster recovery and continuity to ensure your managed server runs effectively with a managed IT support plan implemented. 

What Is Included With Managed Server Support?
Aside from enabling you to create your own managed server, there are many other elements that make up a managed IT support plan with NTQ. We understand that every business is different, and we aim to reflect this in our plans by listening to your needs and accommodating them with what we offer.

Our plans will ensure that your company can reach maximum performance potential by including the following steps:
Managed Servers You Can Rely on
NTQ is based in Brisbane, with an allotted or unlimited support plan, either remote, or remote and onsite.
We are dedicated to providing a service that considers company size, location and industry to devise a server management optimisation strategy. Our trusted services provide the following:

Learn More About the Managed Server Options Provided by NTQ

To consider the best hosting solutions or options for managed servers, we evaluate the current ways you run your website and store data. Next, we take our findings and apply them to the best server solution we can find.

Our goal is for you to find a managed server that facilitates efficiency. We’ll maintain contact with you, providing continuous support to prevent issues, with disaster recovery implemented at every step.
FAQS About NTQ’s Managed Servers
We strive to provide our customers with all the necessary knowledge regarding our services. Therefore, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive about managed servers;
External web hosting providers offer managed servers. Your provider will take care of system upgrades, server-level repairs and configuration. Unmanaged servers are private, meaning your company will build, upgrade and maintain them. Managed servers offer an efficient and hassle-free IT solution. Conversely, could lead to slower loading times and less secure measures.
A managed IT provider will ensure your IT infrastructure is secure and robust, with automatic updates, network monitoring and frequent troubleshooting to prevent issues before they arise. You can receive managed IT services from reliable external companies such as NTQ. Gain onsite support if you’re located in or near Brisbane, or advanced remote support if you’re further afield.
More free time, advanced data storage levels, enhanced ease of use and ongoing technical support are just a few benefits of managed hosting. Managed hosting makes server maintenance more accessible, with updates and fixes overseen by your provider. Using managed hosting relieves the responsibility of developing or repairing reliable infrastructure, giving you additional time to enhance other core business strategies.
Managed IT services allow you to improve your IT infrastructure and processes without hiring a professional team or needing an onsite employee. Instead, you can enjoy the flexibility of having continuous support and monitoring to eliminate risks arising. Consider using skilled technicians, such as those from NTQ, to get the most out of managed support.
Around the clock IT support, consistent network maintenance and monitoring, reliable web hosting and secure access management are examples of managed IT services at NTQ. We’ll also manage your servers, meaning you won’t need to invest in a costly onsite IT department to optimise your IT infrastructure. We’ll do the hard work for you.
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Managed servers provide you with the perfect opportunity to become better at web hosting and improve your company’s digital assets with little effort and time to spare. Joining forces with a provider such as NTQ will speed up this process and ensure you have the support you need to prevent issues or security risks.
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