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Looking For a Secure Way to Leverage Your Medical or Dental Centre's IT? We've Got You Covered

If you run a dental or medical centre, you will be aware of how essential it is to have technology that works efficiently and has the correct amount of storage to house client data safely and securely. Here at Network Technologies Queensland, we provide our clients with IT support and solutions that will improve the current approach you and your business have regarding technology.
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Why Your Medical or Dental Company Should Choose NTQ

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and dental industry, we understand your business’s time-sensitive nature and the pitfalls of underperforming practice management software.

Quality healthcare goes hand in hand with running an organised business, and having efficient technology is the way forward. We provide you with various top-quality support plans, cost-effective solutions and IT practices ensuring your health or dental centre runs proactively.

Managed IT support is a means of receiving all the benefits of having an in-house IT department, without actually having one, and at a much lower cost! Working with an IT support service such as NTQ will provide you with a monthly managed IT plan, which covers a range of protocols, such as:

  • IT Maintenance
  • Network Monitoring
  • Planning and Support
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plans
  • Scheduled Onsite Technician
Regarding the medical and dental industry, IT support should help your practice to grow and maintain a great relationship with your patients through an organised, proactive and efficient approach.

Having IT support makes this possible by leveraging your technical system, allowing you to store data more securely, manage and keep track of appointments more effectively and prevent cyberattacks or threats from arising.

At NTQ, we go above and beyond to ensure you get the best out of your plan. Our aim is to provide a service that prevents issues before they arise, which is essential for healthcare practices. Our preventative maintenance plan is set up to eradicate security breaches or flaws in your technology, supporting your practice to grow without worrying about issues.
Use Our Expertise on a Range of Medical and Dental Software
Many medical and dental centres use the following software to pursue project management and other essential elements that equate to more organised practices:
IT Infrastructure Understanding
Running a medical or dental practice will require excellent organisational skills, especially during busy periods. To effectively manage these hectic times, an advanced IT infrastructure is needed.
Hardware and software components will comprise a traditional infrastructure: facilities, data centres, servers, networking hardware, desktop computers and enterprise application software solutions. A medical centre must have secure data centres and servers to handle sensitive data.
At NTQ, we understand what it takes to run a top medical or dental practice. We have extensive knowledge of the best and most effective infrastructures that should be used to keep confidentiality at the heart of your centre.

Unmatched Australian Medical & Dental Centre IT Support

We are situated in Brisbane, with our main priority being to support and help local businesses by providing the IT support they need to thrive. Our industry and technology expertise will ensure you run an organised and productive centre that clients can trust.
We also provide services for medical and dental centres in other areas of Australia, with occasional voyages to other countries and regions of the world to help as many medical or dental centres as possible.
Our monthly IT management plan prevents issues from arising, ensuring your practice can run efficiently whilst all the technical aspects are taken care of. This productive and proactive approach is implemented in all we do, helping you to spend less time and money on IT solutions, as any issues will have been prevented from the get-go.
Learn More About Medical and Dental IT Support
Many medical and dental centres use a wide range of software to pursue project management and other essential elements that equate to more organised practices. Below are some examples of software we work with on a daily basis at NTQ:
Information technology is an essential part of running a dental centre. There are many uses for IT in the dental industry, from technical protocols such as radiography to practical record-keeping and storing client data. An IT support system will help ensure you have the correct storage levels, backup procedures and IT monitoring in place.
The importance of information technology in Dentistry is undeniable, from having consistent access to valuable information to accessing patient data easily. An advanced IT system should have an exceptional storage level so that a doctor or dentist can access data easily and not worry about running out of room to store patient data. On the other hand, implementing a data recovery procedure is essential, as preventing information losses is incredibly important in this field. An IT support system such as NTQ ensures this is the case.
There are many benefits regarding IT support for medical and dental practices. At NTQ, our monthly managed plan offers a range of services, including expertise on the best medical and dental software, data backups, network monitoring and IT maintenance. When each aspect is at its best level, your IT system will be much more powerful, and data breaches and security issues will be less frequent.
Information technology is an essential element of the healthcare industry. The primary role of IT is to store, assess and distribute patient information. When all of these elements work harmoniously, patients can receive top-quality healthcare. From accurately displaying appointments, phone opening hours and holiday time to leveraging the way patient data is stored, IT is fundamental and essential to keep technology updated and current.
Dental services house extensive data, making them particularly susceptible to cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is vital to have an advanced type of cyber security and technology implemented in daily practice protocols. Network monitoring and secure cloud storage are great ways of securing data and ensuring the network is safely provided by us at NTQ.
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