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Want to Outperform Your Competitors? Choose Microsoft 365

Microsoft has consistently been at the top of their game when it comes to creating productivity software, with Microsoft 365 being no exception — an evolution on the previous Microsoft Office — that just makes everything so much easier with its intuitive functionality.

Microsoft 365 has introduced a new era of productivity for organisations of all sizes. Enabling small to medium businesses access to same level of expertise that was previously only affordable to large enterprises. As far as small to medium businesses are concerned, this can provide an increase in competitive advantage.

Whether you use the Admin Center for more control over your system users or the Microsoft Power Automate function to streamline your operations, there’s an endless supply of tools that can drive success in your business. Even if it’s just access to Microsoft resources like Word and PowerPoint you need, our team at NTQ can provide it.
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Why Choose NTQ for a Microsoft Office 365 Service?

With over a decade of pivotal IT experience under our belts, we’ve seen every kind of app, web service, and solution that Microsoft releases. It’s fair to say that we know our stuff. We can assist your business with a wide range of Microsoft 365 services, from enterprise plans to family accounts.

What’s more, choosing NTQ means you benefit from our exceptional technical support. We can guide you through the whole process, from installation and account setup to cloud hosting and other web services.

If you’re a business of any size and industry, you need Microsoft 365. There are countless resources and services that offer tremendous benefits for your company. As well as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Microsoft 365 offers its customers cloud-based and technical services, like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Microsoft Admin Center.

Users have the availability to create documents, share resources for collaboration, and be all-round more productive. Technical support is free and plans are flexible to suit your organisation, from enterprise packages to small business support.

The cloud-based environment that Microsoft 365 offers gives companies the flexibility and control they so desperately desire. The challenges facing businesses in the modern world have a lot to do with constantly evolving technology, something which Microsoft 365 – for all its scope – can rectify.

Microsoft 365 can provide your office with numerous tools that both enhance productivity and drive business success. Often, just a single Microsoft 365 account can facilitate projects and improve training practices. Employees, students, and educators all benefit hugely from the software included in Microsoft 365.

Popular Software for Any Business
It’s no secret that Microsoft 365 is an incredible bundle of software. That’s why it’s used by so many companies around the globe and why it’s a must-have for your business. Check out an overview of the services provided below:
Meticulous Microsoft 365 Installation and Technical Support
At NTQ, our team of friendly IT engineers are always on hand to offer as much support as you need throughout the installation process and beyond. Here’s how we can help:
  • Comprehensive IT support for Microsoft 365 users: We’ll be with you the whole way, so you won’t have to worry about the overly technical side of things. We’ve got that covered.
  • Tailored packages for every kind of business: We know that no two businesses have the same needs. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 isn’t offered as a simple all-or-nothing plan. If you have no need for certain software, you won’t have to include them in your payment plan!
  • More control over your operations: The tools that come as part of Microsoft 365 will bring massive benefits, whether your employees operate from an office or work remotely. It’ll give you more control over how you work, improving both flexibility and productivity.
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Marvellous Microsoft 365

The revolutionary tools that Microsoft 365 provides are simply unbeatable. A large part of the business world runs on Microsoft 365 and its former relative Microsoft Office, so it’s easy to see how beneficial the software can be.

From preparing presentations to creating documents and sharing files, Microsoft 365 brings exceptional productivity advantages to any business. Cloud-based solutions are now a vital part of modern business, so it’s increasingly important to upgrade your systems and bring yourself well and truly into the digital age.
FAQs About Microsoft 365
Still unsure about the incredible benefits of Microsoft 365? We’ve added some more information about the software below so you can make an informed decision before committing to a purchase.
Some services in Microsoft 365 have free trials or free periods. Most, however, you’ll need to pay subscriptions for. It’s a hassle keeping up with subscriptions for every individual tool, so at NTQ we provide you with a single subscription that will give you all the features you need.
Chat support is a feature of Microsoft 365, and many of your questions can be answered fairly quickly. That said, for any IT support needs relating to Microsoft 365, you can contact our friendly team at NTQ.
Yes, the popular video calling service Microsoft Teams is included in Microsoft 365 packages. It’s an efficient way to keep in contact with your colleagues and clients, and brings a vast number of benefits to your business.
The beauty of Microsoft 365 is that there are many different functions and features it provides. From creating and editing documents and communication tools to admin control and personal organisation, your work life will dramatically improve with this software.
Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution, which simply means that it’s not tied to any physical location. This means you can keep your tools on multiple devices through one account and work wherever you want to, granting you the flexibility you need to focus.
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Reap the Benefits of Quality Productivity Software

Whatever business you’re in, you’re guaranteed to find a use for Microsoft 365. Whether it’s giving you more control over where you work, improving the quality of your communications, or automating your business processes, Microsoft 365 has the right tool for you.

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