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Network Auditing to Elevate your Security Measures

Find out how secure your network is with a network audit that assesses your network infrastructure.

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Looking to Improve The Security of Your Company Network? NTQ Has a Solution

As a small to medium business owner, you’ll inevitably use a network for daily activities and procedures to uphold your business. Using networks and software is second nature for many of us, but implementing security measures and checking that your operating systems have a sufficient level of security is often overlooked.
At NTQ, we understand that protecting your data and storing private information in a secure system is essential to business success. To help you achieve this, we provide network security audits that prevent viruses, data losses and intruders from gaining access to your confidential information.
Network Security Audit You Can Trust

Why You Should Choose NTQ for Network Audits

With over 15 years of experience providing professional IT support, we understand how much you rely on your communication channels, websites, databases and network. That’s why we offer thorough network security audits that’ll delve deep into your IT infrastructure to point out gaps and weaknesses in your security.

A typical network security audit will include an in-depth analysis of your network, assessing how secure your current infrastructure is and highlighting how we can improve it. We implement essential features such as firewalls and content filters, with network control to limit data access and optimise your company’s safety.

NTQ is here to debunk the common misconception that excellent IT support and security measures rely on the help of in-house professionals. Of course, internal IT departments come with extortionate overhead costs and resource expenditure. That’s where our competitive advantage comes in.

Network Technologies Queensland’s managed IT support offers cost-effective solutions, led by a certified team of dedicated technicians. Our fixed fee covers consistent network security audits, making sure that your business is equipped against cyber attacks, phishing and identity theft.

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Our professional network security auditing will help your business obtain a more reliable system that prevents attacks, hacks and data losses. 

Although you may feel your current system operates well, there may be potential threats that can arise that you have yet to notice. Our in-depth security audit will highlight these pain points and allow us to implement new and upgrade existing systems. 

Our security assessment protocol work follows a specific network audit template, checking for network availability, performance and security. Once we’ve completed these steps, we’ll send our audit report to network administrators and get to work on implementing essential features such as antivirus protection. 

What Does Managed IT Support Include?
Network auditing is just one part of managed IT support, and at NTQ, we aim to cover many IT elements within our support plan. Managed IT support should leave you and your team confident in your technical approach, while we handle any issues at a fixed fee, saving you time and money. Here’s how we do it:
Network Security Auditing for Australian Businesses
Network Technologies Queensland is based in Brisbane, where we offer onsite scheduled visits to small and medium-sized businesses nearby. Further afield? We also provide advanced remote services, making professional assistance accessible from anywhere.Our 15 years of experience helping businesses from numerous industries proves our reliable audit strategies work. Here’s a snippet of how we can help:
  • Perform reliable audits on database security to protect private patient medical records, bank details and personal client information.
  • Test your network servers to sustain the continuity of eCommerce sites, digital communication channels and private clouds.
  • Analyse risk and prioritise threats to ensure we implement the necessary security features as quickly as possible.
Our innovative network management techniques help us maintain a high-quality service that elevates security, no matter your specialty.

Get an In-Depth Analysis of Your Network Security With NTQ

Whether you have used internal or external auditors in the past, we’re confident that a NTQ-led network security audit will provide you with peace of mind, knowing your critical information and business processes are protected.

We want to hear from you. Tell us more about your security woes, scalability plans and current measures, so we can run a thorough audit and generate valuable reports.
FAQS About NTQ, Network Security Audit Provider
Do you have questions about network security audits? We’ve put together our commonly asked questions to provide essential information.

At NTQ, we perform a network audit by identifying network devices & policies and pursuing a risk assessment with penetration testing to see how secure the network infrastructure is. From here, we create a report with our findings and implement security measures according to our results. 

Security audits ensure that your business has integrated the correct measures to protect and store data. NTQ’s strategies aim to overcome and mitigate threats like malicious hacking, password theft, denial-of-service attacks and phishing. Our security audits ensure we account for each element of your IT infrastructure, maximising your network for optimal security. 

A network security audit covers network infrastructure reviews, assessments and testing to ensure your security system is as strong as possible to ensure maximum network performance and data protection. Our strategy provides a well-rounded overview of your network’s security and visibility on how we can enhance it.

Network security audits are essential to your success as they identify flaws in your current strategy and highlight potential security risks. A complete audit prepares your business for the worst and encourages you to upgrade existing systems. We’ll support all software updates, allowing you to concentrate on other essential processes.

A network is a collection of digital entities, like computers and profiles. That means network security targets all users and resources on that network. Whereas, cyber security focuses on internet protection and doesn’t necessarily account for offline spaces like private databases.

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Our team of experts can guide you to business success with professionally devised network security audits that meet your business needs and specific industry requirements. Let us know your needs, and we will do all we can to create a network security audit incorporating them.

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