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Need Not-For-Profit IT Support?

NTQ values the charitable purposes not-for-profits hold in communities throughout Australia and overseas.
We understand your need for secure communication, safe storage and functional automation to optimise your outreach efforts. Fortunately, our IT professionals have the skills to streamline your communication, enhance your online safety and share affordable backup solutions.

We’re dedicated to helping non-profit professional, and business associations, social enterprises, community service organisations and any incorporated association enhance their technical processes.

Work smart with NTQ, as we offer on-site guidance to organisations around Brisbane and dedicated remote consultations to anyone outside the city.

Contact us directly so we can develop an IT strategy that thoroughly targets your not-for-profit organisation’s digital needs.
Smart Not-For-Profit IT Support

So, why trust NTQ with your new project?

Our certified not-for-profit IT support team strives to relieve the pressure of outdated operating systems, cluttered storage and poor connectivity. We also appreciate that many not-for-profits rely on government funding, so we propose affordable yet practical solutions, helping you fulfil your organisation’s purposes efficiently.
As the digital age is well-underway, getting online is a huge priority for countless charities and not-for-profit organisations. We’re here to modernise your processes, saving you valuable time to focus on your core mission.
NTQ’s managed IT support strives to offer the benefit of an in-house tech department without the overwhelming costs of maintaining one. Simply pay an affordable monthly fee to access ongoing IT maintenance, data backup, recovery and continuity planning, network maintenance and server monitoring.
NTQ can operate remotely, using specialised software to optimise and regulate your computer systems or schedule an onsite visit to those in the Brisbane area. We’ll utilise and supply our own equipment where necessary to streamline support.

Although not-for-profit organisations fit into several broad categories, we can tailor our approach to suit your specific IT needs:

  • Security Optimisation: Improves protection against cyber attacks, allowing for safer donation intake.
  • Virtual Support: Access to remote guidance will ensure we resolve your digital problems promptly, preventing more apparent damage.
  • Web Design: Develop a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate website to help it rank high on a search engine results page, encouraging more significant website traffic.
  • Improved Internet and Wireless Connection: Better connection facilitates uninterrupted video conferencing during meetings and virtual events, quick instant messaging for faster response to community members and enhanced productivity around the clock. We’re proficient with HFC, FTTP, FTTN, FTTB and FTTC.
  • Understanding of legal structure in IT: We have extensive experience with legal entity security, meaning our data management and protection knowledge is distributed directly to your not-for-profit organisations and charities.
IT Support Services That Optimise Your Not-For-Profit Organisation
Not-for-profit organisations operate for the greater good of the community rather than personal gain– we’re committed to helping you pursue your charitable purpose.With more than a decade of IT support experience, we’ve perfected the art of developing time-efficient solutions to secure your not-for-profit organisation in the digital space.
Are you looking to improve your community outreach? Please ask about our video conferencing and internet support services to optimise connection to the community.

Eager to strengthen your security and storage? Our deep understanding of data management systems, storage optimisation and cyber security audits will benefit your not-for-profit organisation.No matter the IT query, NTQ is here to help!
NTQ Does Not-For-Profit IT Support the Right Way

Discover Ongoing Not-For-Profit IT Support

We recognise that for many not-for-profit organisations, a reliable and secure IT infrastructure is central to operating an efficient charity or organisation. That’s why we value financial sustainability, allowing you to obtain the resources you require to help the local community. At NTQ, we guarantee all non-profits will receive fast-resolution turnaround, ongoing support and friendly interactions with our skilled team members.
Thrive With NTQ’s Ongoing Managed IT Support Services
We’re proud of the 15 years we’ve spent in the IT support services field and we want you to get the most out of our service, which motivates us to take every query seriously. However, some queries come up more frequently than others! Below, we answer five commonly asked questions regarding Not-For-Profit IT support:
Although a not-for-profit entity and company operating for profit have similar purposes; provide a service to help a target audience, not-for-profits and charities typically focus more on remote communication, with external members and cloud hosting to facilitate productivity from anywhere. Not-for-profits tend to focus less on advertisement and on-premise software.
Although we work with non-profit social enterprise, incorporated association and social welfare-recognised organisations, you do not need to be registered as a charity to gain IT support from NTQ. Although our industry experience covers not-for-profits, it’s not limited to charitable organisations. We also work with for-profit organisations, medical institutes and retail facilities.
NTQ will introduce innovative and accessible cloud hosting software that allows you to connect with individual members of the community from any location. We’ll innovate how you share files, contact donors and volunteers and manage private data or banking details. Managed services will work on your network server to prevent any technical glitch from slowing you down.
Get in touch with NTQ to discuss the needs of your not-for-profit organisation and technical areas you feel hold you back. We’ll recommend software based on the volume of data you utilise, the security you require, your location (whether you operate remotely or on-site) and how you use the internet. For instance, not-for-profits operating across Australia, may benefit from a basic Microsoft 365 plan.
Not-for-profit IT support doesn’t have to be expensive, provided you work with the right people. NTQ prides itself on offering reliable digital consultancy with round-the-clock services for urgent matters. As charities or non-profit organisations often rely on government grants and donations, we’ve developed a financial hardship policy– reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
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