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Whether you work remotely or have an onsite business, keeping up with essential technical updates and software knowledge is challenging. Waiting for a technician to arrive onsite to help with your issue may also not be possible, and you may require immediate help that is hard to come by.Here at Network Technologies Queensland, we understand what it takes to provide remote support that improves IT working conditions for your company and workers, preventing stunts in business growth from occurring.

Why Your Company Should Choose NTQ for Remote IT Support

Putting your trust in a support company that delivers solutions to technical problems without being onsite may sound daunting, but here at NTQ, we are experts in providing efficient remote tech support that is a game-changer for both you and your employees. Here’s how we do it;

Managed IT Support is a way of receiving fundamental IT support without hiring an IT department or specialist as part of your company. Instead, you allow support services, such as NTQ, to provide reliable solutions to your IT infrastructure that prevents security and technical issues from arising. We are dedicated to ensuring we provide you with all you need to run a successful business, with a dependable IT system you can rely on.

Businesses must use secure network providers and technology to fulfil business needs whilst not putting sensitive data at risk. However, there are chances that threats can arise if not using the correct security measures, meaning there is a necessity for IT support. But, some businesses would prefer a remote support system instead of an in-house technician. 

When working with NTQ, we provide our clients with remote support software that enables us full control of their computers within minutes, ensuring we can get to the bottom of any issues by gaining remote access. Of course, this remote IT support can also work for a range of work models, allowing us remote control of computers for routine checkups or to solve an issue with a specific remote computer. 

Expertise in Remote Software and Solutions
We offer a range of remote IT support packages that cover various remote needs, ensuring you can get the best deal for your business without worrying about paying for parts of a plan you won’t use, or that won’t be relevant to your business.

With remote support requests, you won’t need to stress about needing a physical routine check and can instead enjoy technical support and solutions from a remote service desk.
Advanced Remote IT Solutions and Support
At NTQ, our support team will provide a range of remote IT solutions and support at a fixed monthly fee. You can expect to receive the following;

Unrivalled Remote IT Support for Australian Businesses

Whether you work from a remote or in-office model, we understand that businesses have different needs and setups that make them work. We have the necessary knowledge to leverage your IT infrastructure, no matter where you are based. We are located in Brisbane should an onsite call-out be required, but we are available for all Australian and global businesses from a remote standpoint. We will devise a remote IT support plan customised to your business needs.
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We encourage our clients to ask questions to ensure they fully understand what we offer. We notice recurring themes with what we are asked and have put together our most asked questions regarding remote IT support to ensure you have all the knowledge you need;
Remote IT services see clients and companies that need IT or technical support receive this support without requiring an onsite technician or engineer. NTQ provide remote IT services that are more cost-effective and less time-consuming than hiring onsite engineers.
IT support pursued remotely is a way that your business can save time and money regarding IT support and services. Instead of hiring an IT department or paying a fee for a technician to physically visit you, you can receive a similar level of advanced support remotely.
To enable remote working, businesses must implement various types of technology that ensure business procedures and communications run smoothly. Whether this includes specific mobile devices or IT systems, these devices will often be equipped with communication tools and software that is fundamental to achieving a sufficient remote working model.
Remote access is when a device is used to connect to another device on another network without needing to be in physical proximity to the device in question. At NTQ, we use remote access to help businesses with IT issues and can find what has caused a fault without being onsite.
It is becoming more popular to handle IT support through remote means due to the key benefits of saving companies time and money. Technicians can pursue network monitoring remotely without needing to be onsite, ensuring technicians can help multiple companies simultaneously.
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Our clients deserve a truly exceptional service that meets their standards, enabling them to pursue business procedures more efficiently. Our remote IT support plans make this more accessible than ever, ensuring you can access professional IT support quickly and at an affordable rate, no matter your work model. Let us know the areas you need support in, and we will do all we can to help.

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