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We have extensive experience in supporting commercial companies to leverage their IT systems, ensuring business and retail protocols are at the best standard to support business growth most proactively.

We aim to help your commercial businesses run smoothly with advanced storage and confidentiality solutions that implement a professional and modern approach to those that fulfil commercial leasing.

Let us know the aspects you need help with, and allow us to devise solutions that elevate your current processes to help your business to grow.

Why your Commercial and Retail Company Should Choose NTQ

Whether you hire a space in a shopping centre, own your building for business, or fulfil business protocols from home, you will understand the time-sensitive nature of your industry and how important it is to have the correct information and data on hand.

At NTQ, we acknowledge this and aim to provide our commercial and retail clients with an efficient approach that eliminates IT risks. Regarding retail and commercial businesses, striking a good relationship with customers and clients is essential for staying afloat. It is easier to do this with reliable technology and networking, which is where we come in.

Our monthly IT management plan is created to target many aspects, ensuring all elements of your retail activity and business that take place virtually or through the internet are protected, with preventative coverage to avoid troubles arising.
Managed IT support is a way to leverage your company’s IT without hiring an IT department on the business premises. Working with an IT support service, such as NTQ, is much more affordable than hiring an IT team. We will provide your commercial lease with a monthly managed IT plan, which covers all the elements you need to have a successful IT infrastructure, such as:
  • IT Maintenance
  • Network Monitoring
  • Planning and Support
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery / Continuity Plans
  • Scheduled Onsite Technician
When it comes to commercial and retail business, IT support is the key to maintaining excellent customer relationships by having an efficient infrastructure in place that makes it easier to fulfil your lease and stay afloat. A perfect IT support system will help you to store customer data more securely whilst keeping track of lease preparation costs to establish a healthy business cash flow.
Expertise on a Range of Commercial and Retail Software
Commercial businesses often use similar software to complete sales and business procedures. We have a range of knowledge on the following elements to ensure we can set you on the path to success;
Well-Rounded Solutions
An advanced IT support system should consider various elements integral to business success. Here are some of the issues we tackle to ensure we are offering the best IT support possible:
Client data protection: We implement anti-virus protection, firewalls and encryption to prevent hacking incidents, ensuring client data is protected.
Inadequate data storage systems: We have cloud solutions perfect for storing client data and confidential documentation.
Unreliable network security: We provide secure network solutions to prevent server issues.
Complex hardware: Faster and more stable in-house connections with our cloud hosting solutions.
Issues communicating with support: It’s challenging to articulate your IT issue over the phone, so we provide onsite support (in addition to remote) to ensure we get to the bottom of your query.
We are incredibly proud of our services, focusing on keeping our customers satisfied due to quick response times at an affordable rate. Our understanding of the IT requirements for retail premises ensures that we can get to the root cause of any issues you may face whilst simultaneously preventing problems from arising due to the dependable IT infrastructure we implement.

Unrivalled Retail & Commercial IT Support

At NTQ, we aim to provide you with the support you need to succeed. We understand that retail leases involve important documentation, with lease preparation fees, retail legislation and mortgagee consent expenses being just some of the critical documents needed for leasing space to run your business. Our support will ensure you can store this data securely, with effective cloud hosting and reliable network security to share files with whom it concerns.

Whilst we have great support for retail tenancies, we also strive to ensure commercial leases have what they need to run a great business. This includes extensive knowledge of POS systems to provide efficient and up-to-date technology on business premises.
Learn More About Commercial and Retail IT Support
It is natural to have questions about any service you use. You ask, we listen! With that being said, we have collated five commonly asked questions regarding commercial and retail IT support:
IT can help the retail industry have a better workflow due to digital business protocols. From e-signatures, online documentation and secure ways of sharing data between employees and customers, technology will change the face of commercial industry.
Retail and commercial businesses use numerous types of software. When based in a shopping centre, POS Systems and Grocery Manager software are popular for retail shops to process payments and manage data. Commercial industries need dependable services that employees and customers can trust.
IT support services provide a range of benefits for businesses’ technology systems; leveraging their efficiency and creating a more secure system. At NTQ, we provide business continuity plans to prevent issues from arising, with advanced disaster recovery ensuring no critical data is lost if a security breach occurs. However, security issues are less likely to happen when receiving support from NTQ thanks to our proactive approach, which includes network monitoring, onsite technician appointments and data backups.
Businesses can benefit from using IT support services due to increased protection from cyber attacks, ensuring data is stored securely. Retail companies need to log the incoming and outgoing purchases and stock flow, which you can only do effectively with the help of advanced technology and software. IT support services such as NTQ give businesses the tools they need to succeed, with continued support that ensures the IT infrastructure is secure.
As with many parts of modern life, information technology is becoming more critical than ever in the retail industry. From having more secure ways of storing retail and commercial lease documentation to having more efficient POS systems that elevate the customer experience. An IT support system, such as the managed service agreements we offer at NTQ, will ensure that this is the case, with a consistent approach that will provide you with all your retail business needs to succeed.
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NTQ shares similar goals to companies within the retail and commercial sector. We’d look to develop strategies that not only protect your sensitive information, but streamline technical processes so you can deliver outstanding customer service consistently. In turn, we strive to make your experience with us enjoyable. Tell us more about your technical queries today.

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