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Since the pandemic brought video conferencing apps to the mainstream, we’ve seen countless mishaps, bugs, and errors that have left video meetings unpleasant and, at times, unbearable to sit through. A video chat should be easy in this day and age, and our team here at Network Technologies Queensland achieve this every day.

Our highly skilled experts utilise sophisticated technology to ensure you get only the best video conferencing software possible. Screen sharing and video meetings have never been easier to conduct, as NTQ offers unparalleled video conferencing services.

Simply the Best Video Conferencing Software Out There

Why Choose NTQ as Your Video Conferencing Solution?

Video conferencing services provide every type of company with extraordinary benefits. Regardless of your business’ size and industry, you can schedule video conferences to replace face-to-face meetings and dramatically reduce needless travel costs. Using advanced features like file sharing and unlimited group meetings, every video conference will run smoothly.

At NTQ, we’ve partnered with some of the best video conferencing providers to give you incredible video quality and screen sharing capabilities. For video calls that impress both your clients and your colleagues, it has to be NTQ.

Video conferencing software provides businesses with the ability to communicate effectively when distance is an issue. Since many companies have offices in multiple locations, often internationally, travel costs can form a large part of their budgets.

With video conferencing tools like video calls and screen sharing, in-person team meetings are replaced with virtual meetings, saving you huge amounts in travel costs. A high quality video conferencing service can be highly beneficial to any firm.

The best video conferencing software removes much of the hassle that modern technology often brings. In fact, an excellent video conferencing solution is one that combines simplicity with quality, allowing businesses to focus on more important operations while retaining exceptional communication links.

At NTQ, our partnerships and expertise mean we offer the best video conferencing software in Australia. The video conferencing features we provide – like screen sharing even on mobile devices – make video meetings far more productive and boost the speed and ease of your decisions-making process.

What Can Our Video Conferencing Service Provide?
In short, any video conferencing software you require, we can provide. Whether you need a fast internet connection for an important upcoming video conference, or you need a variety of video conferencing apps to host a whole range of different video conferences, our solutions can help. Check out an overview of what we provide below.
Video Conferencing Software You Can Rely On
Our service is up there with the very best video conferencing software on the market, and for good reason. Here are some of the ways our video conferencing service can benefit you:
  • All the biggest apps in one: We’ve partnered with a range of the best video conferencing apps and tools that allow us to provide you with a comprehensive service covering all bases.
  • Scaled solutions for businesses of all sizes: Our video conferencing service can be tailored to suit your company’s needs and size, with add-ons and features that can be supplied or withheld as desired.
  • High-tech features to optimise your firm: Screen sharing, file exchanges, and remote access to other desktops are all state-of-the-art features we can provide. Revolutionise the way you communicate and enhance your operations with our software.
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Truly the Best Video Conferencing Software Out There

Communication is a key part of modern business and if you can’t keep up with evolving technology, you’ll be left behind. Our video conferencing services can benefit both large and small businesses, offering seamless integration that makes scheduled meetings far more productive even when done virtually.

We’re based in Brisbane, but the beauty of our video conferencing technology means we can serve you wherever you’re located. Whether you just need a quick tutorial on Microsoft Teams for a video meeting or are looking to host a very important client over Google Meet, we’ve got you covered.
FAQs About Video Conferencing Services
If you’re still in the dark about certain aspects of video conferencing technology, the below FAQs may be able to help resolve any queries you have.
In our vast experience, we’ve learned that not everyone has as much fun as us when setting up new technology. That’s why we offer substantial IT support for your business when choosing, installing, and managing the software. In short, we’re there to assist you throughout the process and after.
As an IT company, we know everything there is to know about cyber security and how important it is for your business. As such, you can rest assured knowing that our products meet exceptional standards when it comes to security. IT support is also offered in connection with security issues.
Meetings are a large part of business, but many group meetings are often unproductive or stressful. Using video conferencing software allows you to have more productive meetings with your colleagues and clients around the world without worrying about travel expenses or rigorous planning.
While some video conferencing apps offer non-paid plans, a free version or free plan is normally rather unreliable for businesses. If you want your company to seem professional and your operations to run smoothly, it’s worth paying for video conferencing services.
At NTQ, we’re up there with the best video conferencing software on the market. We’ve built a leading business in IT services over decades of industry experience, meaning we know what we’re doing. From Microsoft Teams to Google Calendar, our partners and services are at the forefront of video conferencing.
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Never underestimate what a professional image can do for your company. By showing off your incredible video conferencing software to your colleagues and clients, the other meeting participants are more likely to do business with you, or at least come away with a good impression of your company. Contact us today to revolutionise your meetings!

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