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Here at NTQ, we’ve noticed a surge in demand for online optimisation, which heavily relies on web design that’s accessible, aesthetic and SEO-driven.

We recognise that for many web users, your online site is the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. Our design experts will rejuvenate your existing website, so it emulates your mission, uses your tone of voice and guides web users through the marketing funnel.

Our internet optimisation services will enhance landing pages, build backlinks and implement keywords, targeting your intended demographic and common queries. Reach out directly to learn more about web design support.

Website Design
Effective Web Design and SEO You’ll Love

Why You Should Choose NTQ to Oversee Your Web Design Project

Unlike a website development company, NTQ has a proven background in every core technical area, including cyber security, IT support, auditing, network infrastructure and cloud computing. We understand the ins and outs of a website, enabling us to curate an efficient strategy to design websites and improve marketing value.

Beyond our digital services, we value all clients by respecting their authenticity and understanding their needs. Our web design services reflect our deep understanding of technology, enabling us to elevate your core web pages.

Web design is the user interface customers see and interact with when visiting your website. In fact, you’re looking at an example of web design right now! Let’s break it down:

  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Navigational menus
  • Media and dynamic graphics
  • White space
  • Interactive features

So how does this coincide with search engine optimisation? Well, while the web design initially engages customers, optimised written content, structure and internal linking determine its position on the search engine results page, or SERP.

While SEO-led content will attract visitors to your website or online store, responsive web design will keep them there. You’re more likely to convert new customers to loyal members if your user experience is positive.

That’s why we prioritise:

  • Easy-to-use navigational journeys
  • Blogging tools
  • Space utilisation
  • Immersive media

Does that sound good to you? This is only just the start. Contact us to transform your website.

Learn More About Our Website Design Approach
Here’s how we’ll develop a professional web presence for your medium to small business:
  • Mobile optimisation: Revise typography size, font, copy layout and interactive features to sustain an excellent UX on mobile devices.
  • Navigation: Understanding the sales and marketing funnels ensures visitors to eCommerce websites can complete a purchase efficiently.
  • Intuition: Perform navigational and speed tests to clarify which website features visitors are drawn to and determine whether drop-down, single click or mega menus are functional.
  • Speed: Responsive websites significantly impact conversion, so we’ll compress media, review hosting solutions and more to improve speed.
  • Appearance: Generate more leads with a logical and beautiful website with minimal white space.
  • Host: Suggest or work with content management systems like WordPress, Ghost and Wix to support your web design features.
Modernise Your Digital Marketing Solutions with SEO
Here’s how we’ll achieve results and drive traffic to your own website:
  • Implement keywords: Use specialist software to report ranking keywords, review search volume and analyse keyword difficulty.
  • Enhance layout: Implement header tags to separate content for better visibility.
  • Include meta-data: Incorporate meta descriptions into the web design of every page containing keywords to enhance digital marketing efforts.
  • Adjust media: Attach ALT tags to images containing keywords and improve accessibility.
  • Set intentions: Use call to actions, directing clients to your eCommerce store, blog or checkout and use language suitable for informational or commercial pages.
Because we’re more than just a web design company, our services also dig deeper into the backend of your website. Our IT or security support can analyse your servers, improve automation and help with your domain.

Professional Website Design for Australian Businesses

Our long-standing background in IT support shows we understand which website design features will attract organic traffic to your small business or organisation.

The dedicated web design Brisbane team offers onsite optimisation services to small to medium-sized businesses based in Brisbane and nearby areas.

If you’re located further afield, try out our proactive remote support, getting help to you no matter where you are. Get in touch today to get started.
Dive Deeper into Website Design and SEO
You may realise there’s more to web design than meets the eye. We’ve answered your top questions about important elements of web design:
A web design project should focus on your brand by using a common theme throughout. Ensure your web page is easy to navigate so users can locate vital information, identify products, interact with media and complete purchases. Aim to reduce white space, use a mobile-friendly layout and work with a content management system that facilitates speed.
The three types of web design are static websites, sales or ecommerce websites or dynamic websites. Static websites contain several HTML files, each linking to new pages. Sales or ecommerce websites have great commercial value with the aim of converting visitors to customers. Dynamic websites use server-side scripting to ensure clients always view something new when they click on the link, generating intrigue and engagement.
Website design doesn’t have to be expensive. Unlike a web design agency that may push for unnecessary solutions, NTQ will create strategies highlighting your core objectives and creating a website that reaches your targets. NTQ respects its clients’ time and money. Our standard hourly rate is $180 per hour, billed in 15-minute blocks with discounts available for ongoing projects.
Fundamentally, search engine optimisation (SEO) helps websites rank well on an internet browser’s search engine results page (SERP). It’s ranked on relevance, structure and engagement. Logical internal linking journeys, keywords and media are all elements of optimisation. Well-ranked websites attract organic traffic and sales, saving money on advertisements.
Conventionally web designers manage elements like a website’s structure, navigation, speed, media and format. They focus on the user’s experience and manage journeys to keep customers on websites, but they may only have a fundamental knowledge of search engine optimisation. Working with IT experts like NTQ ensures your website’s front-end and back-end are optimised, accommodating all visitor needs.
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Whether you want to enhance your existing site or work on a new website, you can trust NTQ to optimise your digital presence, helping you generate more leads. Our first-class website design services targeted at medium to small businesses are professional and cost-effective. Rather than using a web design company, head straight to the IT experts at NTQ to enhance your web design today.

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